ARCHIVE - Year: 2008

Commercial real estate is working its way through a rough patch, but as Andy Little points out, opportunities abound for those with cash, courage and convict…

(Richmond, VA – May 20, 2008) – In an effort to provide developers and investors with the information they need to transact business efficiently and profitably, Richmond-based John B. Levy & Company is producing a series of podcasts on trends and issues that affect the commercial real estate market. These podcasts, available at, address issues such as strategies for improving liquidity in a tight market and the impact of slowing loan originations on the commercial real estate industry.

(Richmond, VA – January 22, 2008) – Following a year when originations for commercial mortgage-backed securities in the United States exceeded $240 billion, the market today is running at its lowest level since 2004. This slowing trend for CMBS originations, which takes the market back to the halcyon days of post-recession, pre-liquidity crisis, has an enormous impact on real estate developers who rely on liquidity to finance property transactions.

In its most recent podcast “Deer in the Headlights,” Richmond-based John B.

Does Wall Street do panic better than anyone? Listen as John Levy discusses the current real estate market. But, first, take some Maalox!