ARCHIVE - Year: 2016

By Andrew Little

Elvis Costello most certainly wasn’t talking about what global governments are paying investors to hold their debt in his 1977 hit song “Less Than Zero,” but in this post­Brexit world, investors are hungry for a safe place to stash capital, which creates some interesting dynamics.

More than $13 trillion of negative yielding in sovereign global debt has been sold, according to a recent Wall Street Journal study.

By Andrew Little

During the summer of 1986, British pop band Simply Red had a No. 1 hit in the U.S. titled “Holding Back the Years” that discussed an inability to grow when focused on the past.

Looking back at the past three decades — and contrary to the song — Richmond has grown and is growing quite a bit.

While there have been a number of key private projects that mark the waypoints over the past 30 years in Richmond’s commercial real estate market,

By Andrew Little

New wave band the B­52s could have been talking about today’s commercial real estate market in their 1980 hit “Party Out of Bounds” when they questioned: Who’s to blame when situations degenerate?

After years of ever­increasing commercial real estate sales volume and ever­compressing cap rates, the party seems to be on the verge of ending — but why?

By most fundamental measures,