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GSE Party Has Already Started to Slow: John Levy on Bloomberg Surveillance

John Levy and FOX Business host Tracy Byrnes discuss the current real estate market.

After four gut-wrenching years in the tank, commercial real estate is staging a strong comeback. Sales in 2012 were up a whopping 24%, while fully a third of that activity occurred in the 4th quarter. Interestingly, despite the strong comeback, peak prices are still on average 20% below the 2007 peak.

John Levy discusses the Federal Reserve’s decision to keep interest rates historically low, and how this impacts the real estate market.

John Levy discusses the red-hot multifamily market with host Lori Rothman. Multifamily apartments are still the rage, driven in no small part by the below market financing by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA. These government agencies — which taxpayers support — are bringing loans ½% below the private market,