John B. Levy & Company raises equity and debt for investors nationwide, for all property types - office, retail, industrial, multi-family, and hotel. The transactions range from traditional debt and equity placements to creatively structured capital financing, such as entity-level equity investments. We help developers and owners achieve the highest return on their investments by making sure they have immediate access to the most competitive sources of real estate capital on the market, including joint ventures, sponsor and preferred equity, and structured and mezzanine debt. Because of the extensive relationships we’ve developed with major institutional real estate sources over the last 20 years, we’re able to provide you with access to capital from a wide range of sources, each with its own unique terms and financing. Our experienced staff blends a global knowledge of the capital markets arena with a complete understanding of local real estate dynamics in an effort to successfully meet your capital needs.

Debt Placement

We have extensive, long-term capital markets relationships with a wide range of sources to market your project and use this network of nationwide relationships to get the most competitive terms for clients.

Equity Placement

Using our affiliation with Pickwick Capital Partners, LLC, we structure real estate equity ventures for developers with an extensive network of institutional investors.

Structured Financing

When real estate acquisitions and recapitalizations require more than traditional financing, clients want to explore capital alternatives. John B. Levy & Company can structure interrelated capital components in ways that create innovative financial solutions for even the most sophisticated transactions.


We have earned a reputation for producing the most extensive and expert research in the business. We co-created the Giliberto-Levy Commercial Mortgage Performance Index, the first index to track and measure the performance of commercial mortgage investments. In addition to the original GLCMPI (G-L 1), we are well along in developing a family of indexes to measure high-yield commercial real estate debt, such as second mortgages, mezzanine loans and preferred equity.

Loan Servicing

We service the majority of our originations, allowing us to maintain a seamless relationship between clients and lenders for the life of a loan.