December 15, 2000

Delinquency costs for commercial real estate hit an all-time low Economic policies and record prosperity made milestone possible

What: The commercial real estate market reached a historic milestone in the third quarter, hitting the lowest level of loan delinquency costs for all commercial property in the past 35 years. The previous low occurred in 1982. According to a leading industry indicator, The Giliberto-Levy Monitor (released this month), the last eight years have seen a steady and unprecedented decline in delinquency costs. The Giliberto-Levy Monitor, a quarterly publication, which analyzes the performance of commercial mortgage investments, has developed an exhaustive database including tracking information on the commercial real estate industry collected over the past 35 years.

Who: John B. Levy, co-author of The Giliberto-Levy Monitor, is available to discuss this unprecedented trend in delinquency costs, how recent economic policies set the stage for this record and the future of the commercial real estate market. Mr. Levy’s perspective is especially valuable since his is the most extensive tracking service following commercial real estate. Mr. Levy is President of John B. Levy & Company, Inc., a real estate investment-banking firm founded in 1995 and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. John B. Levy & Company raises equity and debt for developers and owners of commercial and multi-family projects.

Interview Opportunities: To arrange an interview with John B. Levy call Barbara Lohman or Jason Bennett at 202-833-8121.