John B. Levy & Co. is a boutique real estate investment bank located in Richmond, Virginia offering a wide array of financial, investment and advisory services for complex real estate ventures.

The bank was established more than 20 years ago, with partners working in this industry since the mid-1980’s. John B. Levy & Company has extensive experience across the breadth of commercial real estate finance, including office, multi-family, industrial, retail and hotel. The company places both equity and debt, and has transacted deals ranging in size from $2mm to $100mm+. We work with our clients to build the most appropriate capital stack - including joint-venture and preferred equity and/or structured and non-recourse debt - and have access to a significant stable of institutional investors and lenders, including banks, insurance companies and Wall Street conduits.

Debt Placement

We have extensive, long-term capital markets relationships with a wide range of sources to market your project - insurance companies, pension funds, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, regional, local and national banks, and CMBS. We stay abreast of the latest pricing and loan parameters by constantly surveying our lending sources. The proprietary pricing information we receive from lending sources helps us produce monthly mortgage surveys which are followed by many in our industry. We use this network of nationwide relationships to get the most competitive terms for our clients.

Equity Placement

Using our affiliation with Pickwick Capital Partners, LLC, we structure real estate equity ventures for developers with our extensive network of institutional investors. The right capital partner is one of the most important features of a successful investment so we work with you to determine the best joint venture partner, mezzanine or preferred equity investor for your project. Our extensive network in the industry allows us to consistently execute capital-raising programs and long-term institutional relationships for our clients. We also offer proprietary equity and raise equity from individual investors.

Structured Financing

When real estate acquisitions and recapitalizations require more than traditional financing, clients want to explore capital alternatives. John B. Levy & Company has the ability to structure interrelated capital components in ways that create innovative financial solutions for even the most sophisticated transactions. We have experience with solutions ranging from customized mezzanine debt to joint ventures, preferred equity and company-level equity investments. We have unparalleled access to the complete array of commercial real estate capital, including all major domestic and international banks, as well as life insurance companies, pension fund advisers, hedge funds, financed companies and Wall Street firms.


We have earned a reputation for producing the most extensive and expert research in the business. We co-created the Giliberto-Levy Commercial Mortgage Performance Index, the first index to track and measure the performance of commercial mortgage investments. In addition to the original GLCMPI (G-L 1), we have developed a family of indexes to measure high-yield commercial real estate debt, such as second mortgages, mezzanine loans and preferred equity.

Loan Servicing

We service the majority of our originations which allows us to establish a seamless relationship between clients and lenders for the life of a loan, helping to ensure that transactions are managed efficiently in terms of both time and cost. We offer an experienced servicing team that provides specialized customer service for our clients and lenders. Our wide array of services includes: asset management, payment processing, escrow account management, investor reporting, insurance monitoring, UCC administration, financial statement analysis, annual property inspections, and tax administration.