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In an article for Commercial Property Executive, research editorial director Paul Fiorilla explored the recently launched Giliberto‐Levy High‐Yield Real Estate Debt Index.

“Investors in high-yield real estate now have a way to compare their returns and performance against an industry-standard benchmark, thanks to John B. Levy & Co.’s creation of the first mezzanine loan index,” the article stated.

Andy Little


BY ANDREW LITTLE, Special correspondent – September 17, 2017

The caution flags are out and deal activity is down, but the threats to commercial real estate are hard to enumerate, according to a panel of experts who fielded questions at a commercial real estate investors conference last week.

John B. Levy, president of John B. Levy & Company, spoke with Bloomberg Surveillance to discuss trends in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry, addressing whether or not the economy is in a bubble and the impact of Hurricane Harvey in Houston.

Hosted by Tom Keene and David Gura, Bloomberg Surveillance is a daily radio show covering the latest in finance, economics and investment, featuring the leading voices shaping the conversation around world markets.

Andy Little


BY ANDREW LITTLE, Special correspondent – August 27, 2017

Glenn Frey likely was not crooning about the commercial real estate market when he sang “Peaceful Easy Feeling” on the Eagles debut album, but the song’s title accurately describes current market attitudes.

In a recent Bloomberg Surveillance interview, John B. Levy discussed how the rise in eCommerce is driving a major shift in the commercial real estate market.