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John Levy, president and founder of John B. Levy & Company, appeared on Bloomberg Surveillance live from their London studio, discussing the impact of technology on housing and outlook for the real estate market.

John Levy returns to Bloomberg, appearing live from London on March 16 where he will share his perspective on commercial real estate market developments with Bloomberg Surveillance (9:40 a.m. GMT / 5:40 a.m. EDT).

John B. Levy, president of John B. Levy & Company, appeared again on Bloomberg Surveillance on February 23, discussing commercial real estate trends and contrasting transactional data with finance trends, which showed continued strength. Levy also offered insight into the commercial real estate market in New York City, as well as perspective on recent developments in foreign ownership and the concept of air rights.

Andy Little

Several lenders have lower production goals for 2018 compared with 2017, but they are the exception — most are trying to grow their loan portfolios and know they will have to either compete on price, leverage or with creativity.

Andy Little

The problem and opportunity is that with so many commercial mortgage lenders and investors effectively writing off the sector, less money is chasing what will certainly produce both winning and losing investments.